Bio Comedy Vibe

This is who we are and where it started

Where it started

Comedy Vibe is an initiative of Roger Vrede. “When I was young I saw a show of Eddie Murphy. I was immediately fascinated by the way he could turn serious subjects into humorous things. I saw then that humor makes life lighter and more fun. I also recognized many elements that reminded me of my own family and culture.

Together with my cousin, I played videotapes gray of comedy performances like Def Jam Comedy, Eddie Murphy, and Kings of Comedy. I didn’t immediately have the ambition to become a comedian myself, but entertaining people and giving them a good time, that really appealed to me. That’s why I started playing with the idea of ​​organizing comedy nights myself. I visited shows in England, the Randstad and Eindhoven to gain inspiration and to network. I have learned a lot from others, but above all, I want to give it my own twist.

Now I organize comedy nights in Eindhoven, Rosmalen, Amsterdam, with the best comedians from home and abroad. It has become a passion that I enjoy immensely. And who knows, maybe one day I will dare to go on that stage…”

Laughing is healthy

‘Laughter is the shortest distance between people’. A beautiful statement and absolutely true. Laughter is not only healthy, it connects people. That is our goal with Comedy Vibe: to bring young and old, men and women together and let them have a fantastic evening. Laughing together, enjoying tasty tracks from the DJ, drinks and good company. Social themes and current affairs are discussed, but always with lightness and humor.

Stand up comedy is not a theater or cabaret performance in which the content has already largely been determined. The stand-up comedian uses his talent to incorporate current events, personal observations, but also the audience into the show on the spot. That interactive element is what makes stand up comedy so surprising. Each evening is unique and has its own vibe due to the interaction between the comedians and the audience.

During a comedy night there usually are 4 comedians including a host. With a short break in between and an opportunity for a snack and drink. Do you fancy something other than the cinema or the cafe? Do you want to be surprised and have a really good laugh? Book a ticket for the next comedy night at Comedy Vibe and click here for more information.